Who We Are


Who We are

We Support, We Encourage, We Care

Role Model Vision was established to provide needed services and support to single parent families and their youth who may have some social, economic, educational, and behavioral issues within their homes.

Since the establishment of Role Model Vision, we have served many deserving youth and their families through a broad range of programs and services. This has been accomplished through a collaborative effort of support from dedicated board members, staff members, and community supporters. The Role Model Vision will continue to create partnerships that share the vision and goals of the foundation.

Our Mission

To strengthen our Neighborhoods, Schools and Families, by empowering our youth through establishing respect for self, others, and authority.  Educating them about responsible adulthood and career aspirations, creating in them positive attitudes that impact change, and teaching them the value of having self-discipline and the importance of staying drug free.

Our Vision

To be a supportive resource to our youth, their families and the community in which they live.  Providing them with educational, recreational, spiritual, and healthy life choices.  We will do this by utilizing the time, talents, resources and efforts of the Foundation Staff, its Members, Volunteers and Community partners.


To reduce community violence and death of our youth, to help relations between our youth and Law Enforcement, to reduce the high school drop-out rate and to assist in improving the life of our youth and their families by creating for them a path of life that leads to future success.



About the Founder

The Founder Robert Releford worked as a law enforcement officer for ten years and  served  in the United  States Armed Services for five years.  During his career as a law enforcement officer Releford worked as a school resource officer where he gained a passion for youth development and recognized a need for good relationships between Police Officers, our youth and their families.  He took it upon himself to mentor several students that  he encountered while working in the school system.

The relationship between Releford and one of the students in particular began when the student was twelve years old.  After two decades the two are still connected to this day.

Releford  has also maintained a close relationship with nine other students who made up his original program.  Releford’s experience and passion for youth development is the reason he has taken on this challenge of helping the youth and their families by creating the foundation. Releford has three programs that he utilizes to help our youth and their families each year.  R.E.A.D (Respect, Education, Attitude Discipline) Shoot Baskets Not Each Other summer camp and Neighborhood Santa Christmas donations.  Please join him in helping the effort to change lives and enrich our youth by donating your time and resources to our foundation.

Janell Hill

Executive Director

Mrs. Hill has spent years dedicating her time to learning about communication techniques, counseling, and crisis intervention. Her passion in life is helping others reach their full potential and giving back to her community by being a blessing to others. She has a great passion working with youth and adults in order to help them thrive even when faced with the greatest of adversity.

John Harden

Director of Marketing

Mr. John Harden is our Director of Marketing and Corporate Sponsors. He is a relationship life coach and motivational speaker. He has a passion for helping others and being a mentor to youth. John volunteers at multiple organizations and enjoys giving back to the community. Mr. Harden has a strong background in marketing and brings years of leadership experience along with a strong dedication for helping youth achieve their highest potential in life.

A Mentor's Story

This is a true story about the founder of the Foundation and the young man he has mentored for over twenty years.  The two met years ago while the founder was working as a police officer at a Middle School.  The young man he began mentoring was 12 years old at the time and was from a single parent home living with his mother.  This young man was a popular kid at school yet troubled.  He was a student with potential, he could make good grades when he wanted to and was a good athlete  with football and basketball skills.  Although he had all this going for him, it was not enough to give him the guidance he needed to be a well- rounded successful young man.   He was using his popularity and leadership qualities to control others and influence bad behavior of all who followed him.  This young man was learning how to be a man not from a father or father figure, but from drug dealers and bullies from his neighborhood.  He used and sold drugs at age 14 and became a father at age 15.  This story is the basis of why I founded the R.E.A.D. Program Respect, Education, Attitude, Discipline and to this day continue to promote good behavior among our youth and teaching them how to set a good example for others to follow.