R.E.A.D (Respect, Education, Attitude, Discipline) – Intervention and Mentoring

The R.E.A.D Intervention and Mentor Program is established to provide intervention and mentoring for At-Risk youth between the ages of 10-18 years old.  Our goal is to help youth prepare for adult life through establishing a general understanding of respect, education, attitudes, and discipline.  All instructions are given with age appropriate modifications based on the grade levels of the participating youth.  The course of instructions will consist of learning through lectures, role play, group activities, team building exercises, mentor/parent meetings and community service projects.

To complete this course, youth must complete the eight week instructional course, a community service project and a Parent/Youth/Mentor group session.

Youth will then be assigned to a mentor of their career choice and mentioned for a period of ninety days following the mentor assignment to ensure the youth and mentor are a good fit.  Once this monitoring period has been completed, the youth and their mentor will continue their relationship for a minimum of one year with the hopes of a lifetime relationship.  The R.E.A.D staff will monitor and track each youth on a semester basis to ensure each youth is on track as they continue to progress within their school and community.  It is our goal that each youth will become a peer mentor and will continue being a part of the program for as long as they desire.

It is our hope that when a youth has completed R.E.A.D program that they are in a better position to get the best results from the benefit of having a mentor.  It s is also believed that by completing the program it will help strengthen the relationship between the youth and his or her mentor, the youth will be better prepared to focus on school work, receive less discipline referrals, be more respectful and disciplined at home and in the community in which they live.


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