Reaching our goals

Our Programs

The Role Model Vision is to provide structured programs that will assist in the development of our youth, by using intervention and mentor assistance to those youth in need, while assisting the criminal justice system, school system and business community in the effort to ensure our society continues to build strong relationships with one another, to help increase the rate of success in our youth and their families, while building good character, respect for self and others, that will help in our goal of reducing the crime rate and poverty within our communities.

Role Model Vision

R.E.A.D-Respect, Education, Attitude, Discipline Intervention and Mentor Program

The R.E.A.D Intervention and Mentor Program is established to provide intervention and mentoring for At-Risk youth between the ages of 10-18 years old.  Our goal is to help to youth to have respect for themselves and others, teach the value of getting a good education, while learning to maintain a good attitude and understanding how being discipline can help them succeed in life.

Role Model Vision

Shoot Baskets Not Each Other Summer Camp

 This program is an eight week summer camp program for youth age 12-17, boys and girls who may have some additional challenges with ungovernable or misdemeanor criminal behavior at home, school or within society.  This camp will engage local law enforcement officers, educators, armed service personnel and firefighters (L.E.A.F.) to participate throughout the camp. The foundation will also solicit the support of the NBA and WNBA players to participate in some portions of the camp.  The goal of this camp is to help create a better understanding and bond between local law enforcement, inner city youth and their families who may not have a favorable outlook or experience with law enforcement.  The program is also hopeful that it will help our law enforcement officers gain a better understanding of our youth and the communities they serve.

Role Model Vision

Neighborhood Santa Christmas Donations

The foundation each year host a Neighborhood Santa project, where we deliver toys, food and clothing to needing families within identified communities.  Our foundation have experienced the joy of seeing the smiles on the faces of young people as we have delivered presents that they had on their Christmas wish list.  This along with the many thanks we get from the parents who appreciate our care and concern in helping make their child Christmas happy.  We do ask for donations either monetary of newly unwrapped gifts to support this effort for a great cause.