Reaching our goals

Our Programs

The Role Models Foundation establishes self-supportive satellite facilities in areas such as schools, churches, neighborhood’s and apartment communities to accomplish its goals. Each facility, independently funded, will be staffed with qualified personnel who have been properly trained and certified to provide quality services. It is part of the goals of our foundation to provide quality programming, and to expand our services in a productive manner.

Role Models Foundation

— R.E.A.D (RESPECT, EDUCATION, ATTITUDE, DISCIPLINE) Intervention and Mentor Program

The R.E.A.D Intervention and Mentor Program is established to provide intervention and mentoring for At-Rsisk youth between the ages of 10-18 years old.  Our goal is to help youth prepare for adult life…

Role Models Foundation

— LEAF (Law Enforcement, Educators, Armed Services, Firefighters)

A collaboration of public service mentors helping to restore trust, pride and respect in our youth and the communities we serve.

Role Models Foundation

— Role Model Student Club

The Role Model Student Club is established to provide students with a positive outlet, to better help them make good life choices while being peer mentors to other students who may need additional support in the area of setting a good example….